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The Original Graphite Undercoating for Lawn Mowers Commercial and Residential, used by Thousands of Satisfied customers since 2002. If you are not using CLEAN DECK on all your lawn tools, then you are missing out on what others already know.

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CLEAN DECK - Is a specialty graphite dry coating designed to reduce corrosion, eliminate clogging and extend the life of grass cutting equipment. Coat the underside of the deck, the discharge chute, the blade and spindle, the axles, the cables, any place that needs lubrication or areas that could rust. Make all your Lawn Tools, Garden Tools, Wood Chippers and Equipment, Garage Door Rails or Tracks and more work more efficiently and last longer by coating all of them with CLEAN DECK graphite.

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CLEAN DECK - Can also be used on your Snow Blower Outlet Chutes, Deflectors, Scraper Bars, Shave Plates, Augers, Snow Plow Blades and Snow Shovels to prevent build-up of wet snow and rust.

CLEAN DECK - Is designed to make clean up easy as nothing will stick to any of your equipment. If there is any small residue left behind on any surface after using your equipment, it can be simply washed off with a water hose and you are done. Those who use CLEAN DECK Graphite have found; Increased Cutting Efficiency, Clean-up Time Reduced, Equipment Life Prolonged, which all Saves You Money, Time and Effort in the process.

CLEAN DECK - Formulation came about from the Agricultural industry. There was a need for a dry film lubricant as opposed to grease (which is not effective with dirt, seed or harvesting), a dry film lubricant which could withstand the abuse and harshness that farming puts upon the equipment. If CLEAN DECK Graphite can withstand that kind of wear & tear, just think how well it will work for you.

CLEAN DECK - Should be painted on after the equipment has been cleaned and loose particles removed. For best results, the initial coating should be applied at 65F degrees or greater and allowed to cure for 24 hours. A second coating is recommended and needs 6 hours to cure. The overall coating can be touched up when needed by brush or by aerosol. A very fine graphite base ensures uniform coating and allows for repeated application. CLEAN DECK graphite Aerosol is available in a 12 Oz. spray can and is OZONE SAFE. Brush on coating is available for heavy duty uses in quarts and gallons and is water based.

"Properly Maintained Equipment - Means A Healthy Lawn"

58 million Americans spend approximately $30 billion every year to maintain over 23 million acres of lawn.
By Thomas Hayden Posted 5/8/05  U.S.News

What a difference CLEAN DECK Graphite makes mowing 1 acre vs 4 acres.

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Easy application:   1. Remove the buildup.   2. Wire brush down to the metal.   3. Paint or spray on CLEAN DECK.

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