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See what a difference CLEAN DECK makes mowing 1 acre vs 4 acres.

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Easy application:   1. Remove the buildup.   2. Wire brush down to the metal.   3. Paint or spray on CLEAN DECK.

• With improperly maintained equipment it's your lawn that suffers. •
Build up under the mower deck causes grass blades to tare, instead being cut clean. Clippings clump on the lawn, causing dead spots. You invest time and money for a lush, green lawn, why not let CLEAN DECK help take care of your lawn and your equipment!

Backyard Stress Test - Grass Over Grown, Wet Grass, No Mower Discharge Opening

Extreme Test - 30" Tall Grass and Wet - Even Commerical Mowers Would Baulk At

Before and After - Tree Trimmer

tree trimmer beforetree trimmer after

Real World Testing -

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